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International Journal of Physiology, Nutrition and Physical Education

Impact Factor (RJIF): 5.48

ISSN: 2456-0057

2018, Vol. 3, Issue 2
A case study of yoga benefits towards human fitness and human daily life
Author(s): Dheeraj Sangwan
Yoga is a type of contemplation beginning from India. Yoga as a fitness trend in all likelihood alludes to Hatha yoga, in which stance, breathing, and center quality are altogether focused on. Yoga experts expect different represents all while concentrating on appropriate breathing strategies and unwinding. The biggest physical picks up from yoga are enhanced adaptability, center quality, and stance. This paper is featuring the yogic benefits for achieving ideal level of physical fitness of a person. Yoga is a strategy to control and propel the mind and figure to increment great health, modify of mind and self-affirmation. Fitting understanding and practice one can accomplish the perfect level to keep physical fitness. Even out between movements go without nourishment and loosening up will outfit the sound mental and physical capacities. Yoga in Daily Life is an arrangement of work on comprising of eight levels of improvement in the territories of physical, mental, social and spiritual health. At the point when the body is physically healthy, the brain is clear, centered and stretch is under control. This gives the space to interface with friends and family and keep up socially healthy relationships. When you are healthy you are in contact with your internal identity, with others and your surroundings on a substantially more profound level, which adds to your spiritual health. The word “Yoga" starts from Sanskrit and means "to join, to unite". Yoga exercises have an all-encompassing impact and bring body; mind, cognizance and soul into adjust. The principle objectives of "Yoga in Daily Life" are Physical Health, Mental Health, Social Health, Spiritual Health, Self-Realization or acknowledgment of the Divine inside us. These objectives are achieved by Love and help for every single living being, Respect for life, protection of nature and the environment, A tranquil territory of mind, Full vegan slim down, Pure contemplations and positive lifestyle, Physical, mental and otherworldly practices, Tolerance for all countries, societies and religions. Yogic techniques are known to enhance one's general execution. Pranayama is an essential, yet minimal known part of Yoga. Until as of late, this art and science of yogic breathing was totally obscure to the normal man like numerous other antiquated Indian arts. Pranayama techniques act to purge the nadis including these three principle energy channels.
Pages: 871-876  |  1351 Views  661 Downloads

International Journal of Physiology, Nutrition and Physical Education
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Dheeraj Sangwan. A case study of yoga benefits towards human fitness and human daily life. Int J Physiol Nutr Phys Educ 2018;3(2):871-876.
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International Journal of Physiology, Nutrition and Physical Education
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